Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ten Steps to Become a Badass Chick

These are my ten steps so far on how to become a badass chick:

Step 1: Get a plain notebook that you can journal in, draw in, take notes in, glue cool stuff in, and basically destroy with your badass-ness.

Step 2: Learn the rules for being a badass (will be coming in next post) Follow these to the best of your ability. Make a list of what it means to you to be a badass. How do you define the word?

Step 3: Create a list of your own badass goals. Make a plan and work toward them. What is a badass thing you want to do? Learn Tae kwon do? Buy a motorcycle or scooter? Get a cooler job? How can you work towards what you want?

Step 4: Compile a list of badass role models that inspire you (chick or dudes). Think about what makes them badass. Did they do something inspiring? Can you think of real people or just movie characters?

Step 5: Create a badass playlist of music. What songs make you feel cool or badass just by listening to them? What artists get you pumped? Rock out to it often.

Step 6: Assign yourself badass homework or tasks. Assign yourself small tasks that take you outside your comfort zone and make you feel more badass. How about finally asking out that cute guy in the coffee shop? What about standing you ground in a political argument with a family member? Try speaking out more in class or at work instead of being passive. Whatever you feel makes you grow as a badass.

Step 7: Compile a list of badass movies and books. Think about what make them badass to you. Is it the plot? The characters? The style of writing? Share them with people.

Step 8: Practice your emerging badass-ness and general awesome-ness. Fine tune your goals and rules as you go, but really just get out there and be a fucking badass!

Step 9: Repeat steps 1-8 continously, badasses never stop learning or improving themselves and neither should you.

Step 10: Badasses don't need a step 10, they are already badass! Do you think Chuck Norris needs a step 10?!


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